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One Insight, Two Ads, All Audiences

Most moms are short on time, but Latina moms still prefer not to let convenience keep them from preparing meals their family will love. They just didn’t relate to ConAgra’s Banquet frozen biscuit ad focusing on morning time pressures and showing a biscuit by itself on a plate – that translated to “unappetizing” and not something she would serve her family.

Getting the Culture Part Right: Banquet

ConAgra wanted to reach all shoppers at Walmart with its new Banquet frozen breakfast biscuit and turned to MarketVision to ensure the ad would resonate with Hispanics. Our cultural discovery always begins with the consumer at the center. We took a close look at the Latina Walmart shopper: her age, the language she prefers to speak, and her feelings about frozen-food purchases.

Latina Mom sees frozen food as “lazy food” and something she doesn’t want to serve her family. She takes pride in cooking from scratch and giving her family delicious, well-balanced meals… and the food has to look good, too. To her, frozen foods say, “lack of quality and taste” and make her feel guilty. However, by adding her own touch to make meals more appetizing and appealing, she can make the guilt disappear.

MarketVision recommended focusing on the brand benefit of great taste versus convenience, dialing up the morning daypart with colors that reflected bright morning sunshine and adding fresh fruit, juice and steaming coffee. That made Mom feel she was taking that extra step to provide a more robust and satisfying meal for her family.

How We Did It

We used the same Hispanic insight to fuel two versions of the ad. The Total Market version emphasized New and Delicious for the morning through graphics and copy. The Hispanic-dedicated version leveraged the same Total Market creative, but with more emphasis on the Delicious message. The result was a Hispanic-inspired solution that became an efficient and effective Total Market + Hispanic-dedicated dual effort.

Work Results

We overcame the perception of frozen food as “lazy food”

The ad ran in Spanish in People en Español. In-store POS was bilingual (English-leading).

Walmart appreciated ConAgra’s extra step to provide insights and the right creative communication to connect with their important Hispanic customer base