Culture. Inspired. Kitchens! Latina Foodies You Should Know

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Latin culture is full of an array of colorful traditions, and flavor… lots and lots of flavor. On this edition of the #FollowFriday blog series, we indulge in all the guilty pleasures of our favorite Latina foodies — just in time to impress your family and friends with festive holiday treats and feasts.


Bren Herrera Brings the Eats

Bren Herrera

Bren Herrera of Flamboyant Eats ™ trademarks herself as Private Chef, Luxe Lifestylist & World Traveler. An Afro-Latina, she cooks up Cuban, Latin, fusion and global cuisine.

Bren started cooking alongside her mother at the age of 7. Later, as an adult she realized her food was becoming a hit. Her passionate cooking, sharing of recipes, and travel led to the creation of Flamboyant Eats and have earned her gigs on TV shows.

Thanks to Bren, we don’t just “Follow” on Fridays, we drool over #FlanFridays too.

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Cynthia Presser: Cooking with a Twist


Cynthia (pronounced Seen-Cha) Presser is a Brazilian native living the American dream in Indiana. She believes “cooking has to be creative, spontaneous and fun. Cooking is a lifestyle.”

Author of the Cooking with a Twist blog and Cooking with a Brazilian Twist cookbook, Cynthia shares the joy of cooking, eating, and Brazilian culture. Some of her favorite twists include adding fresh herbs, flavored olive oils, Brazilian and South American flavors, and unexpected ingredients.

Lucky for us, combining pumpkin and coconut ingredients is very popular in Brazilian cuisine. We can’t wait to whip up a batch of these Pumpkin-Coconut Balls (Beijinho de Abóbora com Coco) for our Thanksgiving feast.

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Indulge in the Sweet Life with Vianney Rodriguez

sweetlife vianney Rodriguez

The recipes on Vianney Rodriguez’s Sweet Life blog are inspired by her culinary exploration, childhood memories and the global food culture within southern Texas.

Aside from delicious food recipes, Vianney also serves up plenty of delectable drinks and cocktail recipes with a section devoted to her love for Margaritas.

Latin-inspired drinks have become so popular on her blog that she co-wrote Latin Twist: Traditional & Modern Cocktails celebrating signature cocktails of 18 Latin American countries and Spain.

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Miriam Garcia is Invitada not just in Invierno

invitado de invierno

Miriam Garcia delights us with her blog El Invitado de Invierno (The Winter Guest), full of recipes and photography of her most recent culinary work.

Living outside of Madrid, Miriam was previously a chemist, then a translator and now loves living life as a culinary artist. The Spaniard is pre-diabetic and calls out the use of “weird ingredients” as she repeatedly experiments with different kinds of sweeteners.

Her sugar-free Buñuelos de Manzana will make a sweet addition to any holiday dessert table.

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Muy Bueno Meals with Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack

Yvette- Muy Bueno

A Tejana living in Colorado, Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack learned to cook by following instructions from her mother and grandmother. But, cooking wasn’t a passion for her until she realized that if she didn’t cook the recipes she grew up enjoying and celebrating the traditional Mexican holidays of her culture, “my children would not appreciate where they came from.”

Muy Bueno offers traditional old-world northern Mexican recipes from Yvette’s grandmother; comforting south of the border home-style dishes from her mother; and her own modern Latin fusion recipes.

Author of the cookbook Muy Bueno, Yvette also co-wrote Latin Twist: Traditional & Modern Cocktails— both are perfect gifts for the holidays!

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Taste the Other Side with Maura Wall Hernandez

The other side of the tortilla

The Other Side of the Tortilla is a Mexican cooking, culture and travel blog written by Maura Wall Hernandez.

As a Los Angeles-based journalist, Maura travels often to Mexico with her husband Jose. They come home with traditional recipes that they reconstruct and share on her blog.

Take a look at her Thanksgiving Resource section for all sorts of tips and tricks to help you out this upcoming holiday (maybe bookmark, too!).

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We’ve shared our “flavorites”, now tell us yours! Leave us a comment on our Facebook Page with your top Latino/a foodie blogger or recipe.