Celebrating 18 Years in Business with VOTO18

MarketVision Voto 18 Campaign Vote 'cuz now you can

As founder of MarketVision, a culture-inspired marketing agency, I’m proud to announce that we are celebrating our 18th birthday. As a woman of Mexican heritage reflecting on her career path, I realize that had I lived at another time or in another country, I might not have had the opportunity to own a business.

My great fortune at having been born and raised in America afforded me that possibility. That’s one of the many things that make our country great – the opportunity to succeed. Today, the pride I feel for my Mexican and my American heritage is equally powerful. While I enjoy the richness of my culture, I live in the United States and I want to pay forward the opportunities this country has given me.  

So as MarketVision turns 18, and as Hispanic Heritage Month is about to begin, we launch our VOTO18 social-digital campaign! This year more than ever, every vote counts and the Latino vote can play a major role in deciding the future of our country.

Every year 803,000 Latinos turn 18. VOTO18 focuses on encouraging 18-year-olds to register and vote.  We also will encourage family and friends to help them through the process and get these first-time voters to the polls.

And, as MarketVision celebrates 18 years in business, we want to thank our past and present clients (see list below) for their commitment to supporting our American Dream… and those of countless Hispanic families along the way.

Let’s keep those dreams alive for generations to come. 


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MarketVision Clients

ACH Foods
Alamo Quarry
AOL America Online
Apollo Group – University of Phoenix
Argo Group
Big Brothers Big Sisters San Antonio
Cargill Meats
CDC and CDC Foundation
Continental Airlines
Copa Airlines
General Mills
JMS Smuckers Company
Kraft Foods
Northwestern Mutual
Sara Lee
The Coca-Cola Company
The Hershey’s Company 
TOSA (Texas Organ Sharing Alliance)
United Airlines