All-Time Favorite Big Game Ads – MarketVision Picks!

Super Bowl has undeniably become an unofficial holiday, families gather around the TV to watch some good ol’ football, enjoy food and also now to enjoy the very anticipated Super Bowl ads. For companies, it’s one of the biggest opportunities to reach a multitude of potential consumers. For this reason, they put special attention to what they ‘re going to air on this very special day.

Some of the most memorable commercials have aired during the Super Bowl, you probably have your favorite one…we sure do!

MarketVision Favorites:


Melinda Molina

Public Relations (Detroit Office)

I get a little sappy when it comes to stories of overcoming adversity to rise above the ashes. The Chrysler brand’s “Imported from Detroit” 2011 Super Bowl ad featuring Detroit’s own Eminem and Selected of God choir does more than showcase the Chrysler 200 (one of the few models still being built in the USA and not outsourced overseas – hence the tagline), it highlights a community. Striking images of Detroit factories, athletes and monuments, like Diego Rivera’s 27 panel mural symbolize the strength and perseverance of a community constantly being put down by the media. 

Native to a town that’s been to hell and back, Detroiters insist you not underestimate their capabilities. Flaunting hard work, conviction and the know-how that runs generations deep; automobiles are more than industry to this city. They’ve become a way of life and part of the city’s rich culture.

That’s who we are. That’s our story.

This is the Motor City, and this is what we do.


Gabriel Trujillo

Creative (San Antonio Office)

This commercial touches everyone’s hearts in a very simple way. All parents want their kids to feel as strong as their imagination takes them and this is a clear example of that. The fact that a car company touches on that in a very subtle way is extremely clever and very entertaining. Oh, and when you hear the story of the kid behind the mask… well that’s just an added bonus! This shows how a company can emotionally touch an audience, even beyond a 30 second commercial.


Marcela Masso

Public Relations (San Antonio Office)

Coca-Cola always succeeds to make a huge impact, and this multi-cultural Super Bowl commercial was one I will always remember, because it shows how American is entirely made from a clash of different races and cultures. It reminds me of that time when many Americans bashed mariachi singer Sebastien de la Cruz when singing the National Anthem during the NBA finals for being Hispanic. This commercial leaves an important message to everyone, reminding us of what America is really made of; a huge melting pot of diversity, and that is what really makes America beautiful.


Maria del Carmen Vidal

Creative (San Antonio Office)

I personally never thought that I would say this, but my favorite Super Bowl ad is Axe’s Make Love not War. This cinematographically beautiful TV spot shows that the undeniable common denominator among all cultures and creeds is love. This commercial is very smart, very touching and very refreshing, especially for a brand that had previously defined itself with the exhaustive use of archaic gender stereotypes. This commercial, to me, shows how a brand can step it up in a big way just by refocusing their views.


Oz Charles

Creative (San Antonio Office)

The “Wassup” commercials became immediately part of popular culture by exploring a very real interaction of a diverse group of friends. There are realities that bring us together and sometimes they are the simplest things…. WASSUP!!!


Make sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s Super Sunday commercials! …Oh, and the game!