Culture Inspired Holiday Traditions

The beauty of working in a place like MarketVision is that we have team members who add to the diversity of our workplace. Culture shapes not only our work, but how we live everyday and during the holidays it becomes even more apparent how much culture impacts our lives.

We’re sharing our team members’ family Christmas traditions. Hope you are enjoying your own.


Luis Pic

Luis Garcia

One longstanding tradition has been to purchase and decorate our tree as a family. We have gone to the same tree lot every year to buy our tree from a family that uses the funds to support the Boys and Girls Clubs – then we decorate the tree as a family, while listening to Christmas tunes and drinking hot chocolate. The decorated tree itself becomes a living reflection of the traditions and new stories gathered throughout the years, representing the eclectic nature of our family.

Of course food has always been a key part of our family Holiday traditions, from our Pozole and Churros night, to our obligatory tamales on Christmas day. We also started our own tradition over the years, one that marries my Latino cultural background with the American experience – a come as you are New Year’s Day party, full of food that we cook from scratch, football both on TV and in the yard and family that stays until the food is gone.

I can’t wait to do it all over again. A toast to traditions new and old, I wish you a very Happy Holiday.

Frechie 2
Frenchie Guajardo

Christmas in my family is inspired by our Catholic beliefs and traditions. We always celebrate Christmas, Christ’s birth on Christmas Eve. We go to 7pm Mass, we come home to have our mother’s delicious menudo for dinner, then wait for midnight to place the Baby Jesus in our cherished
Nativity scene in the front yard. The youngest child in the family places the baby Jesus in his cradle at midnight. We say a prayer and run into the house and open all of our gifts. Christmas is about our faith, family, food and fun.

Susan Evangelista

Our favorite things to do are to trim the tree, turn on the holiday music and start the baking! The recipes are some that have been handed down for generations. Our Christmas cookies are baked with love and enjoyed by all.

Collens PictureColleen Love

We have a wild and wonderful Irish family, and there are LOTS of us. Christmas eve is the one day we are all together. We will start at Cibolo Creek Community Church to sing carols and worship. Then, head to the house we all grew up in. My niece was born on Christmas Eve, so we’ll have her birthday party. Then, start Christmas, there will be lots of food, a bonfire with guitar playing, some card games, lots of laughter and rough housing and FIREWORKS in the hill country.

As you can imagine, we attract attention and always end up with some folks who were sitting at home, feeling lonely with no place to go. The family motto is: the more the merrier. Over the years, some of those people have become part of our family and we look forward to seeing them every year.

A couple years ago, my son spent Christmas with his girlfriend in Dallas. This new family also had a bonfire tradition which made him realize this was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Afterwards, he was asking them, where are the fireworks? His new family thought he was nuts. I love that he thought the whole world is as wild and free spirited as his family. His girlfriend, her brother and her Mom all checked with me to confirm that our family actually does fireworks on Christmas Eve…My reply – Every year and why not? What better way to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior?!?

Merry Christmas y’all!

Deb Fam 2

Debra Brennan

One of my favorite NEW (about the past 5 years) family traditions is that we as a family cut down our own Christmas tree each year. It is a great family experience that we all look forward to and is the kickoff to the holiday season for us! We head up to Vermont each Thanksgiving and on the way home we stop off at a NY Christmas tree farm to search and search for just the right tree…the tree is usually around 12 ft. so it does take us some time to find the right one! The kids have fun with horse and carriage rides, visits with Santa and Mrs. Clause, and snacks and hot chocolate. Sometimes we have other extended family join and it turns into a Christmas Tree Tailgating event with family fun and food!

Alex Zurita

The Gift of Time.

Culture shapes how we celebrate events and which rituals and traditions we partake in. Growing up Catholic with strong Mexican roots Christmas Eve is Christmas for our family. That day we come together to share stories, laugh, play games, enjoy a feast, acostamos al niño dios, and open gifts at midnight. This tradition has given my family the gift of time every year. So, what I see in the mainstream media has never applied to my family. Opening gifts on Christmas morning isn’t something we practice.

With that being said, in 2001 to continue with the tradition of giving each other our time the primos and primas agreed to go every year in a group to the movie theatre on Christmas Days. The idea came from all of us getting movie passes as a gift from an uncle, which now has evolved into more than we could have ever imagined. It has turned into my favorite tradition. Every year it is the topic of conversation at Thanksgiving because we are all excited for the day to come. From the 4th Thursday of November until Dec. 24th our group texts are flooded with questions of which movies we will see and what we are adding to the tradition this year. Since it’s inception we’ve added a Secret Santa gift exchange and are trying really hard to get organized on having everyone wear one piece “feeties” to the movies. The fun and and laughter is always great, but I would have to say that the magic in this tradition is being able to use the time we have gifted each other to witness how much our family has grown.

Marcela Masso

Christmas is the most special time of the year for me because I get to spend it with all my family together at my grandparents house. There are many cultural traditions that we do as a family each year, such as hitting the candy-filled piñata, eating tamales and buñuelos, and singing Christmas posada songs, where we reenact Joseph and Mary’s search for a place to stay in Bethlehem. The best part is spending quality time with family I almost never get to see, singing karaoke and playing games all night long. There’s not a day like this during the whole year!

Lynn Canales

We actually make a baby Jesus birthday cake each year for Christmas dessert. That started when my sisters were little and taking CCD classes to help them understand Christmas. Rene and I continued it when our nephew came to live with us when he was 5 and all while he was growing up. Each year he and I would decorate the cake, with Rene’s direction, for baby Jesus. Let me tell you there were some ugly cakes but they were made with the spirit of Christmas. We were just discussing this year’s cake this morning.

During the day we always watch “The Christmas Story” and “Planes Trains and Automobiles”. We don’t really watch them anymore but they have to be on the TV while we visit, open presents and do our stuff and we stop for our favorite parts along the way. Then at the end of the day, we take our full bellies to a movie. When we were in SA we would hook up with friends at the theater but since we are in Louisiana the two of us just unplug for a bit while we enjoy the show.

As you can see while we’re different in many ways everyone in our MarketVision family enjoys celebrating traditions that bring joy during the holidays. May your Holiday Season be filled with cheer and love. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!