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Why Total Market Efforts Are Failing

  After almost three decades supporting Hispanic marketing efforts, both on the client side directing Hispanic Marketing for Coca-Cola North America and on the agency side as founder and CEO of MarketVision working with Fortune 500 companies, I’ve seen some major corporate and brand shifts regarding how multicultural marketing is approached.   A recent Forbes …Continue reading »

Celebrating 18 Years in Business with VOTO18

As founder of MarketVision, a culture-inspired marketing agency, I’m proud to announce that we are celebrating our 18th birthday. As a woman of Mexican heritage reflecting on her career path, I realize that had I lived at another time or in another country, I might not have had the opportunity to own a business. My …Continue reading »

Who Took Culture Out of the Marketing Equation?

  In 2015, many marketing industry leaders were quick to jump on the “Total Market” bandwagon for the sake of efficiency, but at the expense of being culturally relevant. They may have created a more efficient and streamlined approach to marketing solutions, but ignoring culture at a point when it is more important than ever …Continue reading »

Culture Inspired Holiday Traditions

The beauty of working in a place like MarketVision is that we have team members who add to the diversity of our workplace. Culture shapes not only our work, but how we live everyday and during the holidays it becomes even more apparent how much culture impacts our lives. We’re sharing our team members’ family …Continue reading »

All-Time Favorite Big Game Ads – MarketVision Picks!

Super Bowl has undeniably become an unofficial holiday, families gather around the TV to watch some good ol’ football, enjoy food and also now to enjoy the very anticipated Super Bowl ads. For companies, it’s one of the biggest opportunities to reach a multitude of potential consumers. For this reason, they put special attention to …Continue reading »

Marketing agency reflections: Where does time go?

Where does time go… and when will things change? Sixteen years ago I retired from Corporate America, not knowing what life would be like without devoting my days to marketing the most renowned trademark in the world, Coca-Cola.  Coming back home to San Antonio gave me time to reflect on the next chapter of my life. …Continue reading »