MarketVision History

1998 – 2018


Yvonne “Bonnie” Garcia established MarketVision in her hometown of San Antonio in 1998 following a successful career in corporate America. 

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Bonnie moved to Detroit to take a job as Director of Hispanic marketing for Stroh’s Brewery, and then spent 10 years directing Coca-Cola marketing efforts – first as Director of Hispanic Marketing based in Atlanta, and later leading marketing for Coca-Cola’s Midwest division in Chicago.

Even back then, Bonnie knew the “lens” for viewing the U.S. consumer marketplace would need to be reshaped for the future. Sheenvisioned creating her own marketing company… one that could meet the challenges of a nation whose demographics were rapidly changing.

Returning home to San Antonio to set her dream in motion, she deliberately chose a name for her agency that could cross cultural boundaries: MarketVision. The new firm quickly established a reputation as one of the country’s top below-the-line Hispanic agencies, producing promotional, retailtainment, shopper-marketing, public and community relations, and other marketing initiatives for clients such as The Coca-Cola Company, Continental Airlines, Copa Airlines, Fisher-Price, General Mills, Kraft, Miller Brewing Company, Hershey, ConAgra, Smucker’s, Sara Lee and Mazola.

In 2008, MarketVision joined forces with former colleague Luis Garcia and his San Antonio-based integrated-marketing agency Garcia 360º, which had extensive experience developing behavior-change campaigns.

Today MarketVision, led by Bonnie and Luis, merges cultural insights with strategic thinking to produce marketing solutions that win multicultural market share for its clients. Our proprietary Culture. Inspired. Marketing.® process taps into culture as a rich territory for insights and ideas that form the basis of communication platforms and responsive marketing campaigns.

The result? Campaigns that change behaviors by engaging with people in meaningful ways and focusing on what matters most to them – without losing sight of brand attributes or voice.

We believe that those brands that can create meaningful connections through culture will thrive in today’s diverse marketplace. We should know – we’ve been helping brands do just that for 20 years.